Prashath Cheliyan

Web developer, born and raised in Toronto, with a passion for exploration and continual learning.

Cell-Talk eCommerce

  • Fully functional React eCommerce website
  • Uses many React tools including, Styled-Components, PropTypes, and React Context API.
  • Allows users to add products to cart and dynamically see price and quantity changes.

Technologies & Skills Used

Keyword Tracker

  • Application parses through job descriptions
  • Dynamically highlights keywords related to web development
  • Uses Firebase API to record frequency of each keyword
  • Renders frequncy of each keyword into list

Technologies & Skills Used

Leafy Green Restaurant

  • Modern website created using Vegan restaurant concept
  • Minimal design that prioritizes user experience (UX)
  • Built using HTML5 and CSS3 best practices
  • Uses Google Maps Embed API to share restaurant location

Technologies & Skills Used

Favourite smoothie? Strawberry Banana


Favourite speaker to get pumped up? Eric Thomas


First programming language? Visual Basic!


My favourite player growing up? Dwyane Wade.


Favourite artist of all time? Tupac.